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The product itself is very good and a very innovative idea that works well - 8/10 VERY GOOD!

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This handy gift transforms into a malleable material when heated, conforming to the user’s hand and turning their PS5 controller into one that moulds perfect to their grip. Cool,huh?

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Game controllers are typically designed with a one size fits all approach, with ergonomics designed to fit the average person. Thanks to Exogrip, soon you'll be able to easily add your own customised grip to your controllers for a more personalised gaming experience. 

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We got to try the accessory and were quite impressed not only by how unique and personal the grip became on use but also how it improved comfort for longer sessions.

Daily Star

What’s even more impressive is the commitment to addressing an often-overlooked issue: declining hand health among gamers. Beyond enhancing performance and control, Exogrip has an eye on the larger picture — ensuring gamers enjoy their passion without compromising their hand health.

Full Sync

Exogrip is a new product and looks like it could do great things… I was gaming the other night and yeah I feel it in the hand and around the thumbs so any product like this, is fantastic. A need that has been spotted certainly.

BBC Radio Norfolk

The added stability offered by the Exogrip helps us gamers to execute intricate manoeuvres with confidence, granting us a competitive edge (maybe). Whether it’s executing precise headshots in a first-person shooter or pulling off complex combos in a fighting game, the enhanced control offered by The Exogrip can make all the difference. No longer do you need to worry about your hands sliding off your controller during critical moments. With the Exogrip, your hands stay firmly in place, allowing you to maintain precise control over your in-game actions.

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UEA business graduate gets a grip on the gaming industry… Sam Coombes has created a revolutionary gaming controller grip to enhance players’ gaming experience and support hand health

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A Norwich graduate is on a mission to help the more than 50% of gamers struggling with hand and wrist problems, with a new product designed to improve grip.

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Say goodbyeto hand fatigue and cumbersome grips!Perfect for anyone who spends long hours gaming, the Exogrip assists players in achieving a more immersive and comfortable gaming experience.

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I bought this product as a birthday present for my gaming obsessed sister-in-law and it couldn’t have been a better purchase. The mouldable grip is easy to use and provides much needed comfort for longer gaming sessions; not to mention she can worry less about chronic hand ache/cramps and other associated issues. Strongly recommend to any avid gamer.

What an amazing addition to my controller, now I’ve got the grip I always wanted, easy purchase and prompt delivery. Happy gamer 😃

I bought the Exogrip as a birthday present for my gaming fanatical nephew, and he loves it! It moulded perfectly to his hands, giving him better control and comfort, and he is already boasting to all of his friends; win win! I’d definitely recommend as a present for anyone into gaming!

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