Why choose Exogrip?

Why choose Exogrip?

Elevate your performance:

  • Gain an edge like never before, with Exogrip, you'll experience
    unparalleled control, comfort, and confidence as the controller becomes and extension of yourself.

Unleash unprecedented control:

  • Our advanced material reacts to heat, allowing you to mould the grip to your hand's exact contours. Say goodbye to generic grips that don't match your unique style and say hello to unmatched precision.

Designed for all gamers:

  • Whether you're into heart-pounding action, strategic RPGs, or competitive esports, Exogrip adapts to your style for a seamless connection between you and your game.

Be the trendsetter:

As one of the first to experience Exogrip, you're joining an elite group of gamers who refuse to settle for the ordinary. Your gaming buddies will be envious of your cutting-edge advantage.